Re-Treatment Policy

we stand behind our lice treatments
We are so confident about our treatment that we stand behind it!

Re-Treatment Guarantee

Our service re-treatment guarantee is only provided on our Full Service Lice-Tech Treatment or Saline Treatment. With over 5,000 treatments done and less than a 1% re-treatment rate, we know they work! These treatment options ensure you will be lice-free!

To Qualify:

  • All family / household members need to be checked by our clinicians. Those with lice must receive our Full Service Lice-Tech or Saline Treatment.
  • Those who receive our Saline Treatment must come back in for their included follow up within 7-10 days.
  • For families with split custody, everybody in both houses must be checked and those with lice must be treated with our Full Service Lice-Tech or Saline Treatment.
  • If a family member cannot make an appointment the same day, they must be treated with Treatment Goop at home that same day and fulfill an appointment and check/treatment within 24 hours.
  • Those who choose to shave their heads must be shaved to the skin and send us a picture of it that same day. Facial hair is safe from lice and we have no requirements about it.
  • Failure to complete any of these renders the guarantee null and void.
Head Lice Service Re-Treatment Guarantee Covers:

Our treatment has been proven effective on 99.2% of treatments and so we stand behind our work! We cannot promise there will be no re-infestation, so we have to keep our guarantee coverage period to 30 days after your original treatment appointment. Based on the lice life cycle we are able to determine if the treatment had failed (which happens less than 1% of the time) or if there was a reinfestation.  The guarantee covers both reinfestation and treatment failure!

Head Lice Service Re-Treatment Guarantee Length:

Our guarantee is valid for 30 days after your initial treatment.

Head Lice Service Re-Treatment Guarantee Claim Procedure:

If you find a nit (egg) after your Full Service Lice-Tech treatment, it is DEAD and is not a treatment failure.  The Full Service Lice-Tech treatment comes with a cosmetic comb out that removes 90-95% of the dead debris.  We do offer a $25 additional comb out within 30 days of your treatment (regardless of guarantee qualification).  If you qualify for our guarantee and find a living bug, call us at (662) 321-1332 or email a picture to right away.  We will schedule an additional comb-out. You must still pay the $25 deposit to make this appointment.  If we find an active infestation, we will refund your deposit back to you and treat you for free immediately.  If you did not have an active lice infestation, your deposit will cover the cost of your comb-out.

Questions about our Re-Treatment Guarantee Policy? Ask us!